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Jared Goff And Andrew Whitworth Met With Families Of The Thousand Oaks Shooting After Last Night's Game

After last night’s Chiefs-Rams game ended, everyone was able to snap back to reality, resume their lives, and talk about how much fun that game was. However the families of the victims in the Borderline shooting went back to dealing with an unfathomable sadness that came out of the blue. So while we can all celebrate how fun that game was, it was nice to see that Jared Goff and Andrew Whitworth took some time to meet with these families that will never be whole again. At their best, sports teams should be a true part of the community that give back to the people that cheer them on throughout the year and that sense of community was no more evident than in this video. Even though last night’s game was moved from Mexico to LA since the field in Estadio Azteca was a goddamn joke, everything worked out in the end because the people of LA, who have suffered stunning tragic losses between the Borderline shooting and the wildfires, deserved to experience the best regular season game any of us have ever seen in person. Again, meeting a couple of football players doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. But after such an awesome game last night, it was nice to see a genuine real life moment happen that wouldn’t have been possible if the game was in another city, state, or country.