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Twitter Is Abuzz About Blink 182 Today

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.41.36 PM

I haven’t been able to scroll my Twitter timeline today without seeing all sorts of tweets about blink 182 today, which is great, because I love blink 182.

First, came this tweet, which is going viral today.

One Eight Two?

I mean the British say numbers all weird, but why would you call the name of a band different from what the name of the band is? Blasphemous. But that tweet didn’t die there. James Corden decided to get involved.

I have a take- James Corden is slowly getting a bit of Jimmy Fallon-itis where it’s all “me, me, me”. I’m getting close to be out on Corden.

Then Mark jumped in to remind us all what’s important:


So that was number 1.

The second thing is this that blew my mind:

Dude Ranch and Take Off Your Pants And Jacket are both A+ play on words for albums.



15 years since Untitled. Feel old yet? Feel like that album came out yesterday, but nope, 15 freaking years ago. So many bangers. Sheesh.

One day, 3 viral blink tweets. Oh, and Travis turned 43.

43! Dude is going to be drumming along to songs about teenage angst until he’s 70 and I wouldn’t have it any other way.