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Trey Quinn Is My Favorite Player Of All Time

The more I read about Trey Quinn, and the more I watch Trey Quinn, I’m astonished he dropped to the 256th pick in the draft last year. Not just shocked, not just perplexed, but ASTONISHED! The guy’s a beast! He is unequivocally AWESOME at football. And it’s not like we didn’t know this coming in. In high school he scored 70 touchdowns and set the national record for most receiving yards in a high school career. He was highly recruited as a 4 star prospect, picking LSU over Clemson, Auburn, and Texas.

Lacrosse player and part time employee at Hollister or greatest WR of all time?

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.09.16 PM

At LSU he saw snaps as a freshman and sophomore, before transferring to SMU and in his one season at SMU he caught 114 passes for 1,236 yards and 13 TDs. But yet he somehow dropped to the literal last pick in the NFL Draft and thank gawwwwd the Redskins took him because he’s the best.

He was dope in preseason, made the team (some would say with ease) and then got hurt during week 1. In his first game back yesterday, he was on the field for 71% of offensive snaps, catching 4 balls for 49 yards and 1 sweet celebration.

I fucking love Trey Quinn. This is a rookie, a 7th round pick, Mr. Irrelevant, and might very well be our diamond in the rough. Great hands, pristine routes,

and an elite celebrator.

I can’t stop watching Trey Quinn disrespect people in college.

My god. We have found the future of WR in Washington. And his name is Trey Quinn.



PS: Hmu with tshirt ideas. Should we just put his Rivals picture on a shirt? Maybe wait to see his first touchdown celebration? All I know is I need a Quinn shirt and I needed it 3 months ago.