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Gamestop Employee Tells Man That He Cannot Get A Refund For His Video Game, Man Rationally Responds By Trashing The Entire Store

Rumble young man rumble! Look, I am not saying that this guy was in the right for going full Beast Mode in a store because he wanted a full refund instead of a trade-in credit. Destroying a rack of gift cards that will take hours to pick up and sort again was enough to likely doomed this guy’s soul to an eternity in the pits of hell.

But anybody that has ever been to a Gamestop has been at this breaking point one time or another. It doesn’t matter if it was because a Gamestop cashier tried to turn your cash refund into store credit, sell you on countless preorders for games you had no interest in, gave the effort of James Harden on defense while looking for a product you wanted, or just flashed you one of those shitty Gamestop employee smirks. Hell, I get offended simply listening to Gamestop employees try to sell game insurance to clueless parents that are buying their kid some crappy $20 game. So this guy turning into a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker because the good people at Gamestop Inc. couldn’t fulfill his needs was not exactly surprising. We have all felt that rage inside, but this guy decided to act on it. And by the way the Gamestop Bryan answered the phone with a casual “Hello this is Bryan” after watching a nuke drop on his store tells you that this act of destruction has happened many times before and will happen again just like it has at many of the millions of other Gamestops around the country that somehow stay afloat during the online shopping era despite having the customer service reputation of an airline. This guy knows what I’m talking about.