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Lost In The Shuffle, There Was A Mini Office Reunion On SNL On Saturday

This is how I know we live in a fake sim where nothing is real. Because on Saturday Night Live there was a mini Office reunion, and it got overshadowed by Tommy Smokes. Or at least in the bubble I live in. And my life is basically one long rewatch of The Office with meals in between, and the mini Office reunion still flew way under the radar. But alas, it happened.

I’ve long blogged about how Steve Carell shoots down the idea of doing anything related to The Office, be it a reunion, reboot, or one-off special. And how all the cast members are usually like “uh yeah, that sounds pretty cool actually”. So they “spoofed” it on Saturday. And I put spoofed in quotations because no lies were told. Do a freaking Office Xmas special and everyone eats. Everyone is getting paid out the wazoo.

I know the show ended perfectly, but as I always say, more Michael Scott is still better than no Michael Scott. Also, I didn’t really get Pam’s joke calling Jim “Jeff”. Was that just a slip of the tongue or was it supposed to be funny?

Anyway, was just nice to see these 4 together again.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 8.46.14 AM

Barstool on SNL and a mini Office reunion, what a time to be alive.