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A FIFTEEN-Year-Old Kid Just Set The World Record For The Youngest Person Ever To Win A MotoGP

First of all, let’s pay homage to the fettuccine…

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 6.43.53 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 6.46.33 PM

Just an incredible head of lettuce all around. Throw a pair of skates on the kid and he’d be an immediate contender for the All Hockey Hair Team.

I don’t know much about the significance of winning a Moto GP, but I do know how difficult it is to control a motorcycle at high speeds. I used to ride a hog every day. I was good at it too. Like really, really good. I don’t know why and I know I sound like a hardo, but I was always more comfortable going one hundred on my motorcycle than I was going sixty in my car. I fucking loved it. It took me awhile to get good, so to see this kid ripping around at age fifteen is incredible. He’s tossing the bike around that track going ONE-HUNDRED-FITY-FIVE miles per hour. At that speed you make one mistake and you’re dead. One slip of the clutch and you’re dead. Tap the rear brakes too hard and you’re dead. Misjudge a turn and you’re dead. Basically, do anything wrong and you’re dead. There’s no room for mistakes.

To give you an idea of how ridiculous motorcycle racing is at that speed, check out this GoPro footage for the 2015 MotoGP.

It really gives you an appreciation for the sport. Hopefully Can doesn’t have a growth spurt so he can keep riding. Those guys are like jockeys; the smaller the better. Anyway, congrats to Can and best of luck in the future.