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Happens To The Best Of Us - Johnny Walker Puts UFC Fighter To Sleep On A Saturday Night

Sooo…apparently the UFC’s got this dude named Johnny Walker on their Light Heavyweight roster now. Literally never heard of him before tonight, but he’s from Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series: Brazil, and it turns out – he’s fucking awesome – with a great name to match!

He went out there tonight at UFC Fight Night: Magny vs Ponzinibbio, ate a few of Khalil Rountree Jr’s best shots like they were nothin’…

…and then put him to sleep with an absolutely HELLACIOUS short elbow before landing a few ground-and-pound blows for good measure. Some stiff shots of his own, if you will. The elbow that put Rountree unconcious itself, though…that’s one you truly have to listen to to fully appreciate, because that mothafucka clapped like a gunshot. Afterwards, he got on the mic and almost broke down in the octagon from the happiness he felt in the moment, then asked Dana White to put him in the new UFC video game. Seriously.

Put ‘em in the game, Dana, for Christ’s sake! Homeboy wants to play as himself.