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Happy Thanks-GIF-ing

I love Thanksgiving because I love to eat, and I love GIFs because I am a sexually-charged heterosexual male.  So putting the two together today seemed like a no-brainer.

I was originally going to do strictly GIFs containing sexy girls with food, but my exhaustive internet searches for just the right subjects resulted in either old Hardee’s commercials like this…

Or clips of confused Asian broads throating bananas.  That is why I abandoned the food theme (outside of this chocolate cake scene with Jim Carrey’s ex-wife) and decided to take a different route.

This young lady below with the fascinating tan line is Sierra Skye, and she is a virtual cornucopia of Graphics Interchange Formats…

I’ll give you a couple more shots of her, just to provide a break from your insufferable in-laws…

Sierra is a 23-year-old swimsuit model who has a body type that is all the rage nowadays.

She’s not overly busty, has a tiny waist, and then gets big in the ashcan…  Official measurements ar 36-24-37.

Last one and then I have to start cooking.

Enjoy the turkey and booze…  Keep your daughters away from that creepy uncle.

Next up…  Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving to the five people actually reading this today, and take a report.