Brady Tkachuk's First Career Fight Taking You Into The Weekend

Fuckin’ rights, Brady. I don’t know how many tilts Brady Tkachuk has ever been in throughout his hockey playing career. He’s only 19 years old and he played all of last season for BU and there’s no fighting in NCAA hockey. So unless he was chuckin’ some knucks as a 16 or 17-year-old playing for the national development team in the USHL, I have to imagine the only fighting he’s done in his career is with his brother in the backyard. But the kid held his own there against another big, strong American in Justin Abdelkader. He got a little help there from the net for sure. But he had a good, strong grip going with that left hand and snuck a few nice rights in there to score the takedown. And what made the fight even better?

Brady lives with Mark Stone in Ottawa. So he’s going to stick up for his teammates out there regardless but if you take a run at the guy who is putting a roof over his head? Well guess what, bud? You’re about to eat a few fists to the skull. Justin Abdelkader had to find that out the hard way. So credit to Brady for getting in there and sticking up for his guy. That’s the type of teammate you want to be. That’s the type of shit that will win over the locker room for Brady Tkachuk. I’m sure the guys in there love him already (especially considering who his old man is). But if you stand up for your landlord and give up 15-20 lbs in doing so? Well that move right there tells the rest of the Ottawa Senators that Brady Tkachuk is ferda boys.

Now I’m not suggesting that all of you go out there this weekend and get into some tilts of your own. But live your life this weekend the way that Brady Tkachuk would. Ferda boys 24/7. Get after it.