Quenton Nelson Reportedly Got Fined By The NFL Because A Video Of Him Throwing A Murderous Block While Screaming Like A Madman Went Viral On Twitter

So this video went viral earlier in the week because it was fucking awesome. It’s not often an offensive lineman gets to go viral for a play he made on the field that isn’t a fat guy touchdown. But Quenton Nelson lived the dream for a brief moment as he mollywhopped Barry Church into another dimension while screaming like Bobby Boucher.

However, young Quenton flew too close to the sun with his wings made of Barry Church’s soul because he happens to play in the NFL during what the history books will refer to as the Evil Reign of Goodell.

ESPN- The NFL has fined Indianapolis Colts rookie guard Quenton Nelson $26,739 for leading with his helmet on a play that went viral on Twitter, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “It was five days late, it’s a Friday, so yeah [I’m surprised],” Nelson said Friday. “I don’t [agree with the fine].”

If you want to say that the NFL is the No Fun League, Quenton Nelson getting fined for that hit is definitely part of your argument. There was no penalty called on the play and the only reason anyone found out about it is because a ton of people shared it online and gave the NFL free publicity. I realize you don’t want to promote violence in the game because players’ brains turning into CTE soup is bad for everybody. But it just feels wrong that a team’s social media account could rat on one of its own players. The NFL should have to find any fine-worthy hits on their own through refs calls during games or hire a gang of snitchass interns to watch the All-22 like hawks.

In fact, the most egregious part of that entire video is that it wasn’t even real. The Colts social media team apparently took the audio from another play that lunatic Nelson made and dubbed it over the video of Barry Church meeting his maker.

The viral video was actually a combination of multiple plays, a team spokesman said earlier this week. The Colts had taken the audio of Nelson screaming from another play and added it to the play where the No. 6 pick in this year’s draft pulled and flattened Jacksonville Jaguars safety Barry Church into the ground on a Marlon Mack run. The scream came from a play where Nelson was acting as a decoy on an Andrew Luck bootleg. “I saw it got pretty viral on the internet, which was cool,” Nelson said Tuesday. “… Yeah, I wasn’t yelling, not on that play. I don’t know how it got amped up like that.”

If Quenton Nelson has to pay a $26,000 fine for blocking someone to hell, I think the Colts should have to pay at least double that to the inventor of the internet (Dave Portnoy) for trying to fool the entire World Wide Web with a fake awesome video. All these viral moments that turn out to be frauds do more damage to more people’s lives than that block did. We are all still recovering from the Matt Barnes and Kobe pump fake being a hoax and none of us are ready to be hurt again like that.