I Don't Want To Jinx Anything, But It Appears Nick Diaz Is Finally Returning To The Octagon

Even though it’s been seven years since his last victory in the octagon, Nick Diaz (the older brother of Nate, who fought McGregor x2, if you were wondering) hasn’t lost his competitive drive. Or, I guess…his gangster drive. Brett Okamoto of ESPN reported yesterday that the UFC is “close to finalizing” a welterweight contest at UFC 235 (March 2 in Las Vegas) between Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz.

Obviously, because he’s a Diaz brother, we’ve gotta sorta take this news with a grain of salt. Nate Diaz was officially booked in the co-main event of UFC 230 versus Dustin Poirier, contracts signed, announcements made, press conferences attended – and then it just didn’t happen.

If we treat it like it is happening, though, and we allow ourselves to get a little bit excited…


Masvidal, if I may, has always had a little Diaz in him, and he’s one of the few fighters over the years to actually have respect shown to him by Nate and Nick, so I feel like they see the same. Nick knows Jorge will stand and trade with him, he knows that if it came down to it, Jorge would probably take Diaz’s side in a dispute with the UFC (something the bros probably take into consideration at this point), and that he’s a great test for him stylistically to get a barometer of where his skillset is at.

It’s also important to note that this card is UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier’s targeted date for his retirement fight (vs Brock Lesnar), so if they both come to fruition here, UFC 235 will be a MASSIVE show.

Like I said, though, let’s not get too excited about this yet. When that octagon cage door closes behind the two of them, that’s when we get excited.