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Calling A Penalty On Gordie Howe In 2018 Is A Strong Candidate For Jimbo Of The Year

REF: “Detroit number 9 has two minutes for hooking….”

BLASHILL: “Hey number 9 is Gordie Howe”


So yeah as it turns out, there hasn’t been a #9 on the Detroit Red Wings since 1972 when that number was retired for this guy named Gordie Howe. Maybe you’ve heard of him before. Only one of the most iconic players of all time. I mean his nickname is “Mr. Hockey”. There’s a unique type of hat trick named after him. He’s one of only 2 players in the history of the game to score at least 800 goals in the NHL. And on November 15th in the year 2018, Gordie Howe was called for a hooking minor in Ottawa. Imagine calling a foul on #23 of the Chicago Bulls.

Now the penalty ended up being called on Wade Megan so it makes sense that the refs would fuck his number up. This was only his 10th career NHL game after spending the majority of his career after college in the AHL. But shoutout to Wade Megan. Even though he was a 5th round pick in 2009 and only had 4 career NHL games up until this season with Detroit, he was just mistaken for Gordie Howe. That’s not bad at all for a good ol’ boy out of Canton, NY. He still has to score 800 more goals and 1048 more points to catch up to Gordie’s totals, but maybe last night was the start to something special brewing in Detroit. Maybe one day 40 years from now we’ll all be laughing about a ref calling a penalty on #22 of the Detroit Red Wings even though that number has been retired for decades to honor Wade Megan.

P.S. – RIP, Mr. Hockey. Hope you’re beating the shit out of everybody up there.