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There’s zero reason to beat around the bush. This madness has gone on long enough and it’s BEEN time. The organization cleaned house this past offseason, there’s no one left to blame besides McCarthy. The old GM is gone, the old offensive coordinator is gone, the old defensive coordinator is gone, the old quarterback coach is gone, there is no one left besides Mike McCarthy.

Fire him. Fire him for being a total idiot who’s completely insecure with his play-calling, or lack there of.

WHY THE FUCK WOULDN’T MIKE CHALLENGE THAT CATCH? It was a 34-yard pass that put Seattle in the red zone at Green Bay’s 16-yard line. The Packers were only up by 4, so yeah, it was a critical catch. A catch that Tyler Lockett CLEARLY didn’t make. A catch that would have likely been reversed. A reversal that would have heavily effected the outcome of the game.

Instead, two plays later, Seattle scored, took the lead, and never let it go.

But McCarthy didn’t challenge it because he only had one time out left. Why would he only have one timeout left with over 4 minutes remaining in regulation in a game that was more or less do or die? I don’t know, maybe McCarthy was just really looking forward to using his one remaining time out when Seattle had the ball with 3:15 minutes left on 1st down on the road to ending us? Maybe that’s what he was saving his final precious time out for.

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And then there was the 4th and 2. MY GOD. Why in the world, in the name of all that’s holy, would you not go for it on 4th and 2 when you have Aaron Rodgers? Who in their right mind would think, “Hey, you know what we should do? We should give the ball back to Russell Wilson and trust that our spectacular defense that has left receivers WIDE open all night, THAT defense – that’s missing Mike Daniels and is playing with a compromised Kenny Clark – is going to do a quick 3 and out and get us the ball back?” Why would you give Seattle the ball back and let them run the clock down? THEY WERE SECOND IN THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING GOING INTO LAST NIGHT! It is literally what they do best!

WHY? Well, according to him, “with the one timeout and the ability to stop the clock at the two-minute [warning], we played the numbers.” No numbers would tell you that when your defense is what it is and your quarterback is who he is. None.

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Oh and remember Aaron Jones? The guy who had 2 touchdowns and over 100 yards in the first half? Well he only had 5 carries in the second half. WHY? Why would McCarthy cut back on giving Aaron Jones the ball? Did he trip and fall on his fat head? In total, Jones only saw the ball 16 times, a decrease from last week when he was targeted 20 times. So to answer this simply

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He also hasn’t figured out how to win more than one Super Bowl with this man.

Aaron Rodgers is a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback, and at 34, he’s wasting his prime years with a idiot coach. But because he is who he is, if you ask him if there’s hope…

“Of course there’s hope. We just need one galvanizing moment.”

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This is that galvanizing moment.

Fire Mike McCarthy.

Rodgers deserves better.
The Packers deserve better.
The fans deserve better.