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Who Played The 7-2 Poker Game Better - Superstar WSOP Champ Antonio Esfandiari Or Smitty?

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(Screenshot taken during interview where I accidentally referred to Antonio as a sex offender. True story. And no, he was not happy.)

Ah, yes. The 7-2 game. A fun experience on a televised poker program that’s been blogged about numerous times in previous weeks by a certain blogger who goes out of their way to exclude the fact that one of their co-workers was uniquely on the exact same set, doing the exact same things going viral. But that’s neither here nor there, or anywhere. We’re focusing on poker Lord Antonio Esfandiari:

How about that? The Magician bulling his way to victory in a 7-2 hand worth mid-five figs. Touche, Antonio. Touche. I mean, nobody in their right mind should really EVER fold that full house to ANYONE, let alone Esfandiari who bluffs, bullies, and fires bullets from orbit on a regular basis. But, hey, it worked. Good for Antonio. Let’s see how it stacks up with your boy Smitty on the same show a few weeks back:

HOOCHIE MY MAMA! That’s right, baby. That guy in overalls rubbing his cards on a watermelon before folding didn’t even see it coming (Uncle Ron is a GEM, btw). Sure, it was for mere hundreds of peanuts compared to The Magicians score of most people’s morgages, but still. A bluff is a bluff is a bluff. Suck it, Antonio. Game, set, match: Smitty. And what a rush of a bluff it was to experience. I just play with the cards I’m dealt – Literally.

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