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Conor McGregor Issues Formal Apology For Not Being Able To Keep Proper No. Twelve On Shelves Because The Demand Is Too High


Photo via Dave Fogarty, Ginger Beard Photos.

Mo money, mo problems?

When it comes to Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, Biggie Smalls’ sentiment may ring true – but I’d imagine there are worse problems a newcomer in the whiskey industry could run into than incessantly selling out to the point of its Chairman having to issue a formal apology.

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No part of me was surprised in receiving this press release from the desk of the Champ Champ this afternoon, as I get tweets day-in and day-out from loyal McGregor fans posing with their ‘Proper’ bottles and telling me they see why we call it ‘uisce beatha’ – translating to ‘holy water’ – back home. And if the tweets aren’t exactly that, they’re from empty-handed supporters asking me where they can get theirs! Unfortunately, I never have any answers for ‘em, because when Conor tells you they literally can’t keep this product in stock, he’s not kidding.

The skeletons of display cases with signs draped over them attempting to limit the amount of bottles one customer could buy are now staples of liquor stores all over the globe! But as glorious as that sight is to see, helping us realize the just how much power and influence Conor McGregor has in this world – not to mention silencing the fake news MMA media who IMMEDIATELY tried to trash the whiskey before the fans and true connoisseurs of the alcohol set the record straight – being able to bring this product into the hands of each and every person (over the legal drinking age, of course) who wants it is now the brand’s next step.

“Over the past weeks, I have had the honour to visit many of our key distributors, customers, bartenders and consumers in Ireland and the United States. The feedback on our liquid and brand is outstanding and the support from people around the world has blown me away. I was thanking many and apologising at the same time for running out. I don’t usually see reason to apologise but in this case I want to take this chance to apologise to absolutely everyone for our out-of-stock situation. You have shown great support for Proper No. Twelve. I was at the distillery last week and we have plans in place to be back in stock in Ireland and the United States in early December and onward. We are producing many hundreds of thousands of bottles now. We will ship via air instead of by sea to deliver in time for the holidays for the many loyal customers who are asking for Proper No. Twelve for celebrations and gifting”.

And mixed into the apology is a nice little reminder that we’re comin’ for dat ass, Jameson.

“I am energized by the incredible reaction and am looking forward to being back in stock in the next few weeks. The Irish whiskey market has been dominated by one brand, but people want choice. People want brands that have true meaning to them, that give back to the community and that taste great. Proper No. Twelve checks all of those boxes.”


P.S. Don’t think I didn’t catch this…

McGregor added, “We are also planning to launch in more countries in 2019 including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada and others. We will continue to expand as quickly as possible to meet the global demand. We are also working on additional expressions for the future and will launch them when they are proper ready for release”

I hope the advertising budget in Russia is fucking astronomical. I want to see Conor with a glass of Proper No. Twelve in his hand on every billboard, building, bus stop, and bench in Dagestan.