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Jimmy Butler Would Rather Enjoy His First Win As A Sixer In The City Of Philadelphia, Already A Legend

Philadelphia 76ers v Orlando Magic

Jimmy Butler looked pretty decent for his first game with the Sixers last night with 14 points. Joel Embiid had his first career Trippy Dub. JJ Redick put up 22 and Markelle Fultz had a few really nice plays off the bench. It was a pretty decent night for the Sixers besides that part where they blew a 16-point lead and Ben Simmons only put up 9 on the night. But other than those two major things, it was pretty okay in Orlando!

Now many people are going to pin the loss on Brett Brown for his rotation. Others are going to blame Ben Simmons for his rather pedestrian performance. But what if–and hear me out here–what if Jimmy Butler is already calling some shots with the Sixers? And what if he said he didn’t want his first win as a Sixer to be in front of some jackasses in Orlando? What if he wants to share that experience with the hometown crowd at the Wells Fargo Center?

Think about it. Is this Sixers team really bad enough to allow the Orlando Magic to go on a 21-0 run? Of course they’re not. And if you just watched the 1st quarter of last night’s game, you’d expect Joel Embiid to be a point away from putting up 50 last night instead of a point away from putting up 20. Did Jimmy Butler tell Joel to slow down a little after that 1st quarter? Did he tell him to save some in the tank for the Jazz tomorrow night at home? All I’m saying is that it’s not completely out of the question. I think Jimmy Butler realizes how important this new Big 3 Era is to Sixers fans and he thinks it would be pretty inconsiderate to not let them witness the start of it in person. Jimmy Butler is a pretty vocal leader. It wouldn’t shock me if it came out that during one of the timeouts he made it abundantly clear to the rest of the team that they weren’t winning that game last night. It sucks for guys like Brett and Ben that they’ll be taking the brunt of the blame this morning on sports talk radio and everything. But tomorrow night against Utah is where the new Big 3 Era of the Process really begins. And that’s when all the Greenies in the world are going to look extra dumb for ever doubting this team.