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Photographer Captures A Bunch Of "Sad Dads" At A One Direction Concert


“God, it’s me Jim, if you get this please drop a bomb om this stadium and kill us all”



(Source)  If you read The Spin’s review of last night’s One Direction pop extravaganza at LP Field, then you know that many a dutiful parent was in attendance. Particularly, sad dads. You can view shutterbug Angelina Castillo’s 1D slideshow here, but follow us after the jump for some of Angelina’s #SadDad shots



Being a father is awesome….right up until you have to sit at a One Direction concert with your teenage daughter hoping someone will come and blow your brains out. Feel for these sad dads. With what I’ve done in my life there is no chance this isn’t my future as well.



“I wish I fucked more pussy in college”





 The old “hopefully this shirt makes me look 30 instead of 40″ button down.



“I wonder what Saban is doing right now, probably something so cool, bet he’s got a sweet dick too”



The Thousand Mile Stare



“Did I just see a dick on your phone?”



“If I stand here and continue to fart, maybe my daughter will let us go home”