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Father Furious With Bakery For Their Laughable Effort To Decorate His Son's Cake

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NY Post- Shane Hallford ordered the cake from a Woolworths store in Tamworth, New South Wales, on Sunday, three days before his son Mason’s big day.

The sheet cake — which cost a whopping $49 — came with a special set of instructions that the store promised it would fulfill.

“I explained to them we wanted a frog theme, as my son loves frogs,” Hallford vented on Facebook, according to Yahoo7 News. “They told me it could be done, no worries at all.”

In line with the frog theme, Hallford got a green cake — as well as a pair of unconvincing decorations piped with matching icing.

“I was most disappointed with just the lack of effort. It seemed like they didn’t even care,” Hallford said. “It was a disgrace. I will never be buying cakes from Woolworths again.”

lol. Look at that fucking cake. That’s a mailtime cake if I ever saw one. You want a frog theme? Cool, time to break out the green fellas. Let’s roll up our sleeves, snap on our hair nets, and do exactly the bare minimum to satisfy the amphibious directions. Frogs are happy, right? Smiley face should do it. How old is this little shit? 3? Bingo. And there you have it. We’ve checked all the boxes. Plenty of accoutrement on this masterpiece.

“I was most disappointed with just the lack of effort. It seemed like they didn’t even care.”

Yeah, they didn’t. They work at a grocery store bakery. They’re not working there out of passion. It probably takes them five hours of work to make as much as the cost of the damn cake. If you want to buy a cake made with love and care, go find some old woman who bakes cakes for homeless people. Those people care. Tell her your son is dying. That thing will come out covered in intricate frog renderings, with a dense, cream cheese frosting and a moist interior with a hint of lemon.

Or, you know, just go to an independent bakery. That’s usually a good place to start.