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Steve Kerr Is Sick Of The Lies For The Last 25 Years, He Actually Kicked Michael Jordan's Ass

I love it. 25 years later, Steve Kerr is still holding on to the fact that he’s known as the guy that Michael Jordan punched in practice. But, what we don’t know is what’s the whole story. Steve Kerr is setting it straight. He kicked Micahel Jordan’s ass, not the other way around. Can’t just let the narrative be that Michael Jordan roughed you up for 25 years. You have to come out and let people know that you landed a few punches too. Go see how the other guy looks type thing.

This is what I love about this dumb, awesome league. This is all because of the Durant/Draymond fight. Now we’re getting Steve Kerr talking about kicking Michael Jordan’s ass. Only one thing left to do. Kerr and Durant vs Draymond and Jordan – the first ever 2v2 fight at Rough n Rowdy. I’m willing to ref this.