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Patrick Ewing Wants The World To Know James Akinjo Played With Nut, Err, Big Cojones After Beating Illinois

Now, this is veteran coaching. You get ready to tell the world that your freshman point guard played with nuts tonight? Not so fast. You catch it at nut and adjust it to big cojones. That’s how you know Ewing is going to be successful at Georgetown. Not the fact that he’s recruiting well and developing these guys, it’s coming through under pressure. You don’t go full nuts in the postgame press conference after a road win at Illinois.

But, here’s the thing. He’s not wrong. James Akinjo played with nuts tonight. I mean look his game-sealing shot. It was a floater from the free throw line while shifting a bit in the air to avoid the charge and draw an and-1. It was pretty absurd. Akinjo and McClung both look the part and Georgetown has its backcourt set for the next few years.