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Third College Football Playoff Rankings Released....Ready. Set. DEBATE.


No surprises here. There were no changes in the Top 6. Only possible gripe is that Michigan is probably playing better football than Notre Dame right now, but you can’t really move them up because the Irish beat them in Week 1.

Anyways, Alabama has a bye week this week against the Citadel. Oklahoma also has a bye against Kansas. Georgia takes the week off too as they are 44 point favorites against UMass. Love the tough schedules! Michigan and Clemson are both 28 point home favorites this week against Indiana and Duke. What a boring week at the top. Notre Dame has by far the toughest game, as they take on 8-2 Syracuse at Yankee Stadium.

I guess a 20 point victory over the #18 team on the road is not impressive to the committee. Ohio State remains at #10. Just like the Top 6, there were zero changes in 7-10. This is the first time in CFP History that the Top 10 remained unchanged from week to week.

Syracuse rises to #12, setting up that big matchup against #3 Notre Dame this weekend. Texas is sitting comfortably at #15 with their big win against Oklahoma, and Penn State is still lurking at #14 making Ohio State and Michigan’s wins over them look credible.

BC gets blown out by Clemson and stays at #20. No complaints there. Good news for Washington State down here though, as Washington is now up to #18 and Utah is back in at #19. Hmmm, Kentucky seems to be falling quickly. How’s the weather down there, Reags?

Welcome to the rankings Northwestern, Utah State, Cincinnati, and Boise State! Also, Mississippi State didn’t fall very much (16 to 22) despite their shutout loss to Alabama. Apparently the committee respects Alabama’s body of work. Interesting to note that Utah State sits at 23 in these rankings, but they are in the Top 15 in the AP and Coaches Polls.

Here’s a full look: