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THE Ohio State University's President and Players Are Standing By Urban Meyer, Strongly Refuting Brett McMurphy's Report

Earlier this morning, Brett McMurphy published a report accusing Urban Meyer of covering up a racially charged incident between former coach Zach Smith and former player Trevon Grimes. I saw the report, was disgusted, but not necessarily shocked at the actions of the scumbag Smith and the win at all costs Meyer. I blogged the report and said that if true, I wasn’t sure if Urban would be able to fend off another coverup like this. Well, just an hour or so later, it appears that not only was the legitimacy of the report in question, but eye witnesses and The University itself have come out saying the report is completely NOT TRUE.

Those are some pretty strong words from a University president that is already being criticized for how he handled the Urban Meyer situation earlier this summer. There is NO CHANCE he comes out this quickly and with this strong of language unless he is 100% sure.

“Any allegations of racism are outrageous and false.”

“Reporting in this manner is irresponsible, inflammatory and a severe invasion of privacy…”

Look, I don’t trust Zach Smith at all, but I have to imagine that President Drake’s word is more legitimate, especially with all of the heat surrounding the university right now. The Ohio State players and parents, both past and present, are 100% behind Coach Meyer as well.

That is a VERY strong statement with how quickly these tweets came out. Not many players, if any, defended the reports of Zach Smith’s reported wrongdoings earlier this summer, but these players are CERTAIN that McMurphy is wrong here. And if you don’t trust all of these Ohio State people, can you trust the player that the report is actually about??


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