Bike Jump Would've Been Perfect If It Wasn't For The Whole Face Smacking The Pavement Part

Just another instance of peer pressure ruling all. Poor kid probably knew he was in way over his head but there’s no turning back once you’re on the bike and everyone is there watching. It’s a matter of respect at that point. Can’t violate the code of the school yard. A shattered nose and a fractured skull is definitely more worth it than being called a pussy for the next 24-48 hours before everyone forgets what happened.

Bet the kid whose phone died at the last second wasn’t filming vertically. Don’t need to be a Spielberg to capture teeth flying out of the gums at light speed, but come on. You had one job. Also, killer clapping for concussions and the “WOOO!” at :44. Better not give that guy a Red Bull cause he’s already living life too close to the edge.