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Countless Celebrities Are Letting The World Know How Many Houses They're Losing To The Fires

The fires in California are raging. Celebrities are losing their homes and more. Between the #MeToo movement and now these fires, there has never been a scarier time to be famous. Actors, directors, musicians, and whatever the Kardashians list on their W-2s took to twitter to show how the fire affected their lives.

Gerard Butler lost his Malibu home:

Charlie Sheen wrote some sort of haiku to his parents:

Thankfully, President Bartlet was found on the beach in Malibu. Hair and makeup: pacific ocean breeze. Shirt: Tommy Bahama. Visor: Ramada Inn gift shop. Glasses: Days Inn gift shop.

Will Smith took a hike:

Alyssa Milano let the world know that she was on her way to bring firefighters water and food. TYFYS Alyssa.

James Woods created a hashtag with his name to make it easier for a journalist to write a piece on him for Celebrity Insider:

Khloe Kardashian had trouble sleeping:

Kim prayed thrice for her to sleep:

Guillermo Del Toro was forced to take an extremely long, inefficient route to his house:

While home, he extinguished the roaring flames of a small bush using a bottle of Fiji water from his car. He felt the Fiji was worth sacrificing because he could not fit the bottle in his cupholder due to its square shape:

And the Bachelor house was in the area where the fires raged. Sadly, the show was not filming at the time of the fires:

Keep an eye on the social media accounts of your favorite celebrities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them in these trying times as they lose their third or even fourth homes.

PS- the hell kinda name is “Camp Fire” for a massive wildfire? That doesn’t make people want to evacuate; that makes you buy the ingredients for s’mores.