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Tis The Season: Week 11 Takeaways

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I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left of regular season CFB left. It’s wild. It’s also wild that we’re still waiting on something really dramatic to happen (on the field). It’s been a pretty quiet season and this past weekend was no exception.

Side note: Earlier in the season, I said I hated picking ATS. Well folks, I hate to brag… but I’m 8-2 in my locks of the week on the CFB show. Let’s. Ride.

Week 11 takeaways:

1. Nothing really changed in the playoff picture.

All the teams that were supposed to win, won. It wouldn’t be crazy if top 10 rankings don’t change at all.

You still have Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame undefeated. Michigan, Oklahoma and Georgia behind them. It’s kind of a microcosm of what this season has looked like. Nothing earth shattering, nothing upsetting. Just the better football teams proving week in and week out that they’re better than everybody else.

2. Yes, Big 12 football is fun to watch. Also yes, Big 12 defenses are flat out horrendous.

As we’ve seen a million times in the past, rivalry games are really fun to watch and Bedlam came the fuck through. There was 1300+ yards of offense. 1300! That’s insanity. Sure, both offenses are extremely high powered with electric quarterbacks. But those defenses… woof. For those keeping track at home, OU gave up 39 first downs.

In the end, it came down to Mike Gundy going for the game-winning two point conversion and failing. To be fair, even if they converted, it wasn’t necessarily a dagger. OSU left way too much time on the clock for Kyler Murray IMO. But it didn’t matter. The Sooners took their 14 W in the last 16 Bedlams.

An ugly W is a W. Especially in a rivalry shootout. OU and Kyler Murray roll on (for now).

3. Alabama showed a little bit of mortality, but stayed status quo.

Every year, there’s the talk of a trap or a let down game. If you’re doing the math for this 2018 Alabama team, this could’ve been it. After the emotional game the weekend before in Baton Rouge, it would be understandable if they struggled and had to squeak out a close W vs a much lesser team.

Spoiler: they still won 24-0. It wasn’t dominant, but it didn’t have to be.

However, my biggest concern is just how hurt Tua is. I mentioned it last week when he was limping around and tugging at his right knee. Not great. If he’s legit hurt, that could be a problem.

He also threw his second interception of the year… albeit vs a very good MSU defense. Alabama showed signs of being mortal, yes. But they’re still 10-0. And the good news is that they could roll out their back-up scout team QB vs Citadel next week and be just fine.

4. In the ACC, it’s still Clemson… and everybody else.

Even with all the hype surrounding Boston last week, I’m not sure anybody actually thought BC had a chance against Clemson. And if there were people who did, those thoughts probably quickly ended when Anthony Brown got hurt.

We all know how good this Tigers offense is with Trevor Lawrence. But now we’re seeing Clemson’s defense look like it was supposed to earlier in the season. Peaking at the right time and will continue right into the playoffs.

5. Notre Dame still hasn’t lost a game (as I predicted).

Florida State stinks, so it’s not like beating the Seminoles is some sort of prize. But it was over before the game even started. Brandon Wimbush (people forget he beat Michigan) wasn’t GREAT, but Dexter Williams carried the torch and they cruised to an easy W.

AKA – Notre Dame is still undefeated going in to Week 12.

Weirdly enough – for the second straight week in a row – the CFB universe runs through the East Coast. The Irish meet Syracuse at Yankee Stadium on Saturday and Brian Kelly announced that Ian Book will be back. If anything, the game vs FSU proved that the Irish are just better with him. (As if anybody was questioning that).

6. The drama off the field was way better than on the field…

1. I woke up hungover yesterday to the news that ole Bobby Petrino was fired. I didn’t hold back.

Tough to see.

2. Zach Smith lost his mind on Twitter.

If you haven’t seen him going absolutely nuclear on Tom Herman yet, you’re living under a rock. Go check it out like… now. It’s the definition of a train wreck and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

7. I love you, Mike Leach: Part 50.

Next week: Wazzu by a billion.


Large will be joining the CFB Recap episode today with me and Dave and I can only imagine what we’ll get in to.

And if anything gets thrown your way today that may or may not destroy your entire life…

“Ok. Cool. Hook ‘em.”