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I Need A Full Investigation Into Giannis After He Clearly Cheated To Pull Off This Move That Almost No One Else In NBA History Could Ever Do

I’m not using hyperbole here. There are very few people in the history of basketball, if any, that can actually pull this move off. There are for sure none that can pull it off as easy as Giannis makes it look. I don’t think people understand just how difficult this move is. First off, lefty/lefty layup is hard enough. Throw in a lefty dunk off of a left foot jump? That’s flat out absurd. But, everything here from the in-and-out dribble to crossover leading up to the step through dunk is just flat out insane. It’s a cheat code in real life. People shouldn’t be able to make this play happen so easily. I’ll chalk it up to Giannis going on that absurd food tour this summer.