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Oh, Your Rookie QB Isn't Baker Mayfield? That's A Shame.

Baker Mayfield did the damn thing today.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 4.02.35 PM

The crazy thing is that Freddie Kitchens (who called a nice game) called some goofy drive-ending plays that held back Baker from even better stats. He had a wildcat run fail on 3rd down when they were driving, an intercepted running back pass on another good drive and then ran the ball nine times in-a-row on three straight drives to run the clock out.

EDIT: He said he woke up feeling dangerous today.

When Baker did throw the football?

Yeah, he was really fucking good.

He wasn’t the only rookie with a good day, though. Nick Chubb was unreal and will be battling Baker for Rookie of the Week.

That’s a piece of history for Chubb! Remember when people said the Carlos Hyde trade was dumb? Yeah, well, it opened up Nick Chubb and now the Browns are finally using Duke Johnson.

The defense, which I have been critical of as of late, forced a few turnovers and rookie Denzel Ward had a near interception that forced a Falcons punt right before the Nick Chubb 92-yard touchdown run.

They also had a goal-line stand against the Falcons, which is a good reminder of their playoff-clinching goal-line stand at home against the Falcons back in 2002.

This rookie class, which includes edge rusher Genard Avery, has been excellent. They have won six of nine Rookie of the Week Awards and will surely have seven of ten by this upcoming Friday.

Not to mention the Browns have hands down the best rookie quarterback in the NFL.

Those numbers will look even better in the next update.

Are the Browns close to being title contenders? Not at all. Are they close to contending for a playoff spot next year? Maybe, they are 3-6-1 and have blown game-winning situations in five games this season. Are they finally giving fans hope? Yes.

Go Browns.