Tyreek Hill, WR And Now NFL Cameraman, Is About To Be Fined A LOT Of Money

The No Fun League has relaxed their stance on awesome TD celebrations, but that doesn’t mean Goodell won’t try to collect a paycheck or 20 from Tyreek for his shenanigans. That’s just a fact. Michael Thomas was fined a cool $30K for his Joe Horn flip phone throwback. My guess is Tyreek will have to give up more than what that actual cameraman will make in a year. Possibly a generation. Still an all-time celebration tho. Tyreek is a lot more likable when he’s not choking pregnant women.

Also from today, FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN!

How do Jets fans live with themselves? Spoiler Alert: They don’t. They just exist in pain, they don’t actually live.

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