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After What Zion Williamson Did Today Vs. Army It's Fair To Question If He Cares About Veteran's Day

I’m starting to think Zion Williamson really doesn’t care about Veteran’s Day. I mean how else would you put up 27 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 blocks against Army? In fact I have proof that might need to be investigated by the NCAA. I also want K investigated. No way should this game have been close for 25+ minutes. Clearly K wanted his alma mater to hang around on Veteran’s Day.

Typically a Zion Williamson blog would just have the above video and then some words with me talking about it. But, not so fast my friends. You see, Zion continues to show people he’s way more than a dunker. In fact I have videos to show just that because you’re probably watching the NFL. I hope you’re not watching the Jets though. That would stink.

Example number 1 of his versatility. This shouldn’t look be so smooth. Zion should look clunky when he handles the ball. More importantly he shouldn’t be agile enough to get the spin and pass off at the same time. He even delivers the pass to where the shot can still get off and be made. It’s a damn impressive play.

Oh, you like defense? Good news! Zion is also pretty good at that. I mean he’s going to have a block like this once a game, I’m sure of it. He just completely eats lunches. He’s going to be able to protect the rim with his ability to jump and timing for blocks. More importantly he has the strength to just rip balls like this out of the air. What a scary, scary college basketball player.