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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Griffey Demands Michael Jordan Give Him The Jersey Off Of His Back
I love seeing big name athletes interact like this. This was before the All Star Game in Chicago in 1993. Michael Jordan rocking his White Sox jersey is walking around the locker room looking like an autograph hound. He has all his bats lined up that he's gonna get signed and probably use in a poker bet or something.
He looks at his bats and around the locker room and yells out "Wheres Ken?" Biggest name in basketball looking for the attention on the biggest name in baseball. MJ then walks over and pushes some media members out of the way, has one turn off his camera, and gives Griffey the bat to sign. I love how Ken is kind of like "yeah, whatever. I'll sign it."
Next scene is the Kid and MJ talking and Griffey asks about his jersey, Michael goes "you want this one?" and takes it right off his back. That is the type of power Griffey Jr had in the 90s, he had Michael Jordan give him the jersey off of his back. That's how big of a star he was.
That MJ jersey is probably worth an INSANE amount of money too.