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Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner Rider Gets Dragged But Never Loses Sight Of What's Important

It’s easy to do your job when everything is going your way and you’re being acknowledged for your hard work. When your girlfriend is being a complete sweetheart, it’s easy to be a complete sweetheart back. When a stranger is kind to you, being kind back isn’t a challenge. The moments that really define us, that really test our character and who we really are, are the difficult times.

When that stranger is a dick to you, are you a dick back? When your girlfriend is being demanding and unreasonable, are you patient and understanding? When no one is giving you credit for your efforts at work, do you stop working? When the chips are down, do you throw your hands up and quit, or do you keep fighting?

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If you’re like this guy, you do your damn job. It doesn’t matter that he has turf particles up his ass, that his back has the carpet burn of a lifetime, or that 80,000 people saw him look like a complete fool. All that matters is that even as he was publicly dragged, he never took his eyes off the prize: the flag stayed straight up (that’s what she said).

It’s not often we can learn something from a Sooner, so congrats to this young man for reminding us to always give 100%, even when times are tough.

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