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Driving Through The California Wildfires Looks Equivalent To Literally Driving Through Hell

CA – Shocking footage has captured a desperate family’s near-death experience after they drove through the heart of the California wildfire to escape the blazing inferno. Brynn Parrott Chatfield filmed the moment her family sped through the fire in the town of Paradise, as flames and smoke billowed around the vehicle. Brynn is heard saying a prayer as their vehicle drives through the blistering inferno before they safely emerged through the other side.

Jesus. Scary, scary stuff coming out of California. That scene is something straight out of hell itself or a Michael Bay movie. Seriously. You put this clip mixed in with some delightfully charming John Cusack clips from 2012 and nobody blinks an eye. I can’t imagine having to drive my family to safety through a raging inferno. Truly terrifying. At least the flames didn’t encroach the road like it did with this gentleman who had to escape by driving through an actual wall of fire, Last Action Hero style.

Unbelievable. Good thing the people in these videos are safe. Others, unfortunately, haven’t been so fortunate. One of the most hell on Earth videos was from earlier in the year when wildfires were raging through The Golden State. Couldn’t quite imagine the scene being worse than this, but somehow that’s the reality right now. Stay safe, Cali.