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The NBA Has To Be Kidding With This Shit

Listen I fully admit I can be a little biased when it comes to basketball and the NBA. It’s my favorite sport and favorite league and it’s why day in and day out I make sure to write as much about it as possible even if nobody cares. I’ll always spinzone anything and stick up for the league when it gets attacked by hockey hardos, but I’m not sure I can do that here. We’ve seen our fair share of soft techs so far this season, but this one right here involving Chris Paul might be the worst thing I have ever seen.

I would imagine being an NBA ref this is not the first time that guy has been exposed to that type of fake pass. That is shit you do the second you start playing basketball. Everyone has done it, it’s harmless and no big deal. So to be a grown man in a real life NBA game, to call a technical foul here is such a bitch move I can’t even stand it. You can tell it faked him out with that little flinch, and the only reason he called a technical foul was because he got embarrassed. You want to call a delay of game penalty even though it was about to be a timeout? Go nuts. But you cannot convince me that had the ref not gotten fooled by Paul, he still calls a tech there. Grow up man, you got got by the Point Gawd, shit happens.

As basketball fans we already have to deal with the criticism that players don’t try, games don’t really matter until the last 5 minutes, players are prima donnas, all this shit. This cannot be a league where a fake pass like this heading into a timeout is a technical foul. Granted this was a blowout, and sure maybe Paul is a little dickish to even do this, but that doesn’t make it not extremely soft. I know Chris Paul has a history and all that, but this isn’t even comparable to any of his previous offenses. This was a fake pass during a stoppage of play. That’s it. If this is where we are drawing the line then we have bigger problems on our hands.

So if there are any hockey hardos out there that wanna talk shit about what a #SickLeague the NBA is, go ahead. Not even me, a basketball junkie and NBA fanboy can defend this play. Charmin soft is the only thing you can say and that ref should be ashamed of himself. Next time don’t get faked out.