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The Boston Celtics Are Going To Kill Me

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns

I am speechless. Talk about a wave of emotion, that was about as wild a night as I can remember. It was completely unnessecary because the Suns stink but for 99% of this game the Celtics looked worse. They were down 22 points to this team and looked completely dead. If we’re in the trust tree I had an entire blog written in pure anger all ready to go. Deleted that real quick! To be honest, everything I would have said in that blog I still feel. The Celtics should be embarrassed, even with this 22 point comeback. I mean let’s not act like they weren’t horrific for this entire game, with real issues on both ends of the floor. This offense looked broken and the defensive rotations made me want to claw my eyes out. I mean Kyrie was the only starter to score a bucket in the first half! This team missed 10,000 layups and missed huge FTs. Yeah at the end they caught fire and made 13 straight baskets pulling it out in OT but christ can you not look like a complete disaster for me one time please?

But look, this is how this team plays. We’ve seen it a million times. Whenever they go up against a team they should blow out it’s always something like this. They don’t ever make it easy on themselves and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Is watching this team taking years off my life? you damn right but it’ll be worth it in my opinion. The positive side in me wants to say this was the kick in the ass they needed, but they also just went through a shit ton on energy on the front end of a back to back. That’s somewhat concerning.

At the end of the day, Kyrie saved them. No other way to say it. Their leader and best player saved them from complete disaster. His fourth quarter and his OT will be a great part of the championship DVD. His scoring, his playmaking, all of his so clutch and very much needed. Going toe to toe with Devin Booker is no joke, and the Celts should pay him an extra $10M on his next deal as a thank you. There is still a lonnnnnnnnng list of things this team needs to fix, and we’ll talk more about that tomorrow, but for now we just exhale and thank God that they pulled this out.

This team, what a bunch of jokesters.