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Sassy Jeff Sessions Submits His Resignation As Attorney General Of The United States


I love this letter. It’s so sassy. When my wife asks me to do tasks that I really dont wanna do, I text her back, “At your request, I have emptied the dishwasher.”

“At your request, I have trimmed back the hairs on my ball bag.”

“At your request, I have started flushing the toilet after a number 2 despite my concerns about the environment and my thinking that we should revise the ole trope of if it’s brown, flush it down. It should be if it’s solid and brown flush it down but I digress. At your request, I have flushed unless of course, it’s yellow.”

Poor Jeff. I’m sure he didn’t get what he thought he would when he took this post. But, as our pals on the West Wing know when you’re in that type of position, you serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.

Best show ever btw.