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Do You Need Walter White In Your "Breaking Bad" Movie?

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Slash Film - Over the course of five incredible seasons, Breaking Bad put its cast of characters through the wringer. But no one suffered quite like Aaron Paul‘s Jesse Pinkman, the meth-dealing loser who lost everything (and everyone) that mattered to him simply because he was unfortunate enough to enter the orbit of Walter White.

And his suffering isn’t over yet. /Film has learned that the newly announced Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale.

Last night, we learned that series creator Vince Gilligan was writing and executive producing a Breaking Bad movie, although it is unknown if he will also direct. It was also suggested that this will be a television movie, as it is being make through Gilligan’s deal with Sony TV, who produced the original show (which aired on AMC). There was even the briefest of brief loglines: the movie would “[track] the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

And yes, Breaking Bad fans, you put two and two together correctly: we have confirmed that the kidnapped man is Jesse Pinkman and the movie will follow his escape from Albuquerque following the bloody events of the series finale. Naturally, Aaron Paul is set to reprise the role, which won him three Emmy awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.


Last night’s announcement that Vince Gilligan was working on a “Breaking Bad” movie was probably the biggest news of my lifetime. There were very little details, but now Slash Films has confirmed it is in fact a continuation of Jesse’s story after he breaks free of the Nazi slave camp. The movie will star Aaron Paul and start filming apparently this month. Nobody knows if it’s a made for TV movie, a Netflix movie, or going into theaters, but we know it’s being made and we know that’s awesome.

Now, there are people who are saying “why?” People think the ending was perfect and there’s no need to continue it. There were also people who didn’t want “Better Call Saul” and that has turned into one of the best shows on television (I’m not caught up yet, working on it). Needless to say, Vince Gilligan knows what he’s doing. He’s not here to ruin his baby. He loves the Breaking Bad world as much as anyone else, and he wants to keep expanding it. Think about it like how you think of say, Star Wars. Sure, you can stop after 1 movie, but why? Why not keep developing characters’ back stories, future stories, and everything in between. There’s so much more to learn about all your favorite characters like Gus, Mike, Hank, and of course, Jesse.

And then there’s Walter.

I don’t think it’s 100% necessary for Walter White to be in the movie, but it is really hard to fathom the Breaking Bad universe without him.

As far as we know, Walter is dead. But does that mean he can’t appear in flashbacks? Same with Saul, will he appear in flashbacks or present day at the Cinnabon? I think it all depends on which way they go with Jesse. I mean my vote is he breaks bad. My vote is he gets back to cooking, maybe brings little Brock in as his protege, and the circle of life continues. A nice little “you can’t escape your destiny” message. Oh and hopefully Walter Jr dies along the way (no offense).

And if we want to get real fun with it,

Hmmmm, red hair, meth head parents? What if that little kid is actually related to a certain other ginger we know…..

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And let’s say that little kid sees Jesse on the news and realizes Jesse killed his ENTIRE FAMILY and wants revenge. Just a little fan fiction I’ve brewed up.

So needless to say, I’m very excited for the prospects and possibilities available for this film. Gilligan is a genius, the characters are awesome, and I cannot wait to see where he goes with it. Again, I’m really hoping Jesse gets back to his roots as a bad guy (nobody likes a good guy meth dealer/murderer) and starts cooking again. Guess we’ll find out in a year or two.

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