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The Weeknd Showed A+ Boyfriend Behavior At His Concert When A Fan Threw Her Bra On Stage While Bella Hadid Was In The Crowd

A fan threw her bra on stage at The Weeknd during his concert and he picked it up immediately and threw it back. Then he said, “you guys are going to get me in trouble out here!”

*insert clapping emojis* This is what I like to see. A+ boyfriend behavior from The Weeknd here. Thinking about throwing your bra to The Weeknd on stage? Nope! Think again. He is taking none of that shit while his stunning girlfriend Bella Hadid is in the crowd (and hopefully when she’s not as well). Obviously Bella has no control of girls getting horny at The Weeknd’s concerts and throwing their bras on stage, but The Weeknd acted like the perfect boyfriend when he threw it back. If I was Bella I would feel like an absolute queen. I’m sure singers are used to getting bras thrown at them on stage but I feel like most of them just keep them up there. Not The Weeknd though. He doesn’t need your bra. You wanna know why? Because he has this…