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Has Anyone Seen JB Pritzker And Babe Ruth In The Same Room Together?

Post Thumbnail: 1141180First off this isn’t a political blog by any stretch. Just a Fat Guy blog so we’re under different jurisdiction. Most notably that means you can shove your opinions elsewhere. I’m here to get some answers about two legendary fat guys and more specifically, I’d like to point out that no one has seen Babe Ruth and JB Pritzker in the same room at the same time. Pretty wild considering JB is a born-billionaire which means you exclusively rub elbows with all the big hitters. ALL OF THEM. Yet every time JB was out FUNraising and connecting with the local community, Babe Ruth was no where to be found. Not a mention. Not a peep.

Hillary Clinton Speaks At Ida's Legacy Fundraiser Luncheon In Chicago(Murder Mystery Podcast Narrator Voice ) I knew I needed to do some digging because I wanted to get to the bottom. I wanted to find the truth. I just had to know where the great Bambino went and what – if anything – JB had to do with it. So I went to Google and I searched. Hard. I found myself looking at pictures for minutes… the interactive-scroll bar getting shorter and shorter with each elongated stroke, validating my insatiable thirst to go DEEP. Page 5. 6. 10. On I went like a coked out Indiana Jones searching for the high resolution evidence my bloodhound senses so desperately needed.  And then abruptly and without notice, I found it staring at me right in the fucking face. I found my high resolution evidence **

IMG_2061Turns out they’re the same guy meaning the fire nickname Colossus of Clout still fucks heavy. Turns out JB has been calling shots in Chicago since 1933. Who knew? And again, not to get too political, but you have to be on-deck with a governor that hit a career .342 with a .690 slugging and 714 dong balls. Like sure maybe Illinois is already so completely and utterly fucked that we just sink back into the Earth’s crust under the weight of $200 BILLION in debt. And maybe there is zero chance anyone can do anything about it including our governor. Even still. It’s nice having a big left handed bat in the middle of the order that knows how to have a good time with the boys. At least we got that going for us which is nice.

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