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John Krasinski Got Got By A Chris Paul Poser

Poor John Krasinski was just trying to encourage people to participate in the greatest right we have as Americans: the ability to elect our leaders. John thought people might think it’s cool for him to retweet them voting. That if even one person who wasn’t going to vote, went and voted because they wanted a shout out from Jim Halpert, well that one person would be worth flooding his timeline with pictures of strangers.

Riley and Susan (I mean, she looks like a Susan) voted.

This entire family voted!

Alana not only voted, she volunteered too!

And then we have the creme de la creme: Vinny and his wife wearing matching t-shirts at the polls! Not only are they voting, but they look adorable doing it!




Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.29.37 AM

Vincent Latour sure does look a lot like Chris Paul. Like a lot, a lot.

As it turns out Vinny is in fact NOT a carbon copy of Chris Paul. The man in the picture John Krasinski retweeted IS CP3. And Vinny, well, he’s an identity thief, which we all know is not a joke.

John got got by the trolls of Twitter. But at least he look it like a champ.