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Best Thing You'll See Today: Andrew Jones Checks In For Texas For First Time After Beating Leukemia And Gets A Bucket

This is easily the one thing everyone was rooting for today. Andrew Jones, the star for Texas who was diagnosed with leukemia early in last season, checks in for the first time. This is what it’s all about. It’s the one guy that I’m just openly cheering for this year. I don’t care what else happens, I just want Andrew Jones to be an All-Conference player again. If the leukemia wasn’t enough, there were questions if he’d be able to play early in the season after suffering a fractured toe a month ago during practice.

Jones played just 10 games for Texas last year before being diagnosed with the disease. During that time he scored over 13 points per game and looked to be the 1-2 threat Texas needed with him and Mo Bamba. Now, he’s making his way back and this is the first step. Here’s to him getting back to being a star again.

As always – fuck cancer.

UPDATE: He got a bucket, because of course he got a bucket: