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I Am Very Heated About Joel Quenneville and You Should Be Too

If you’re my age and you grew up in the Chicagoland area, it was almost impossible not to be a hockey fan. I’m notoriously not a big sports gal, but I love hockey, and it’s because during the ten years of Coach Q, the Blackhawks were fucking electric. Six years, three Stanley Cups, that heady feeling of knowing everyone knew the hawks were the best, the players, the Dagger, the United Center, everything about them became part of my family, and Joel Quenneville was no exception.

You don’t have to understand what he really meant to Blackhawks fans to admit that learning, out of the blue, that he’s been unceremoniously dumped out of his own house was jarring and blatantly disrespectful. Waking up to the press release was like waking up to a nightmare, or a terrible joke we’re all waiting for the “syke” of. I want the Blackhawks to be winners again, and maybe this Colliton kid will do great things for us, but we’re never going to forget the powerhouse Coach Q created. And so, I’m heated.