This Handsome Good Boy Walked Down The Aisle And Completely Stole The Show

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Everyone knows weddings are all about the bride. It’s the moment she’s been waiting her entire life for, the moment she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Even the Best Man includes the bride in his speech because that’s the ridiculous expectation. “Tom, I’ve known you my whole life and I’ve never seen you happier than you are in this very moment and that’s all thanks to your bride. Emily, you’re one hell of a woman. He’s lucky to have you!”

There are endless publications that exist solely to help women find the perfect dress in order to start their new marriages heavily in debt from a wedding they couldn’t afford, but refused to not have.

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The bride is the center of attention, she’s who you “ooh” and “ahh” over.


I mean, COME ON! This good boy and his tuxedo bandana cannot get any cuter! He’s strolling down the aisle as people are literally glowing, completely mesmerized by him. And if that weren’t enough, when he finally stops walking, he gives his best friend a paw!

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The poor bride, after being ignored for a solid minute, finally kneels down to get in on the action.

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But deep down she knows no one will ever remember what her dressed looked like, or what a beautiful bride she was. All those hours spent scrolling through magazines would be for nothing. Because the ONLY thing people will remember about her wedding is how insanely handsome and adorable this good boy looked.

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Poor Emily.