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Trailer For a Documentary About the Early 2000's Duke-Maryland Rivalry is Great

I guess the thing to say is this video getting me hype! Those games from like 2000-2002 when Maryland won the National Championship were absolute slobberknockers. The Maryland teams with guys like Dixon, Baxter, Mouton, Blake vs the Duke teams with Cocksucker Williams, Asshole Assbreath, and Cumrag McGee were such great games. Very excited about this documentary. The good ol days. Now that we’re moving to the B1G, not going to have any more chances to knock off Duke, which is kinda sad, but at the same time, I’m overly-excited to beat up on Penn State. (Let’s just ignore football for now, we’re a basketball school.)

PS: Marcus Smart wanted to end a guy’s life for calling him a piece of crap. Boo hoo bro.


PS: Maryland vs UVA tonight. UVA has the number 1 defense in all of D-1 basketball. Insane. I watched them manhandle Boston College a few days ago. UVA is good.