Unconventional Ideas To Help The Celtics Turn Things Around

Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics

Alright, now that it’s been a little while since I finished the Celts blog, I went out and got a coffee, I’m ready to move on from last night and put my energy towards finding a solution as to what’s going on with this Celtics team. As I was driving I asked myself “Dan, what are YOU doing to help turn things around”? We can all call into radio shows or say stuff on Twitter about how Player X sucks or Player Y needs to start etc etc, but to me we need to go deeper. If you think conventional adjustments are going to solve these issues you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

Just look at Kyrie. Conventional thinking would say that for him to get out of his slump he should improve his shot selection, make his way more to the paint, and finish more at the rim. In reality? All the dude needed was a haircut. He was willing to go outside the box and find any advantage he could and now look at him. Outside of Kyle Lowry I’m not sure there’s been a PG in the East who has been on a better run over the last 5ish games. In my opinion, this is the Basketball Gods way of telling us to look deeper for our next set of issues. Don’t worry so much about the defense, the offensive approach, the rotations, any of that shit. For this team to shake this poor stretch of play they are going to have to look in the mirror and see what might be out there that can be changed that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the court. After thinking about this for about 20 minutes I have come to two areas that need to be adjusted immediately and the next thing you know the Celts will pull off a 23 win in 27 game stretch or something.

1. The intro needs to be changed. Now.

I talked about this in my season preview blog, and it could not be more true. It sounds silly to say, but I am a firm believer the quality of their intro video sets the tone for the entire season. You can call me crazy all you want, but the facts are facts. As a reminder, this is it

I feel bad shitting on this because I’m sure a ton of people worked hard on it, but let’s be honest, we need them to try again. Great job, great effort, but it’s a miss. You may think how can an intro video they play at home impact how they play on the road, and I’m going to have to ask you to stop asking questions and just understand it does. There are things we cannot explain with this team, and this is without a doubt one of them.

I’ll solve this issue for them. Just use this one with clips from this season. I’m to believe this had no impact on the 66-16 NBA champion Boston Celtics? Wake up and do what’s right

There may have been some of you who thought I was kidding back when I talked about this before the season, but as you can see it is a very serious issue and one that can change the entire course of the season.

2. This season needs a new slogan

For some reason this hit me last night as I was watching the start of the game on NBC Boston. This wholse #CUsRise thing just doesn’t work. is it Cus Rise? CUS Rise? The whole thing is very confusing. Plus this is a repeat of last year which is just asking for bad juju. Sort of like how in baseball every year your team needs a new schtick or new slogan, what the hell are we doing recycling this? I guess it sort of made sense last year because it was a team who was relying on young unproven players who had this great rise to be one of the better teams in the East. But now? Now it just feels lazy and weird and I need it changed immediately.

Maybe the Celts offense and shooting has been so poor because the last time we saw this slogan it was for Game 7 of the ECF which is just another reason why I’m confused a decision was made to keep it around this year. I don’t even need anything fancy either, just make it #CsUp or something simple like that. As someone who comes from the advertising world, I cannot tell you how important a slogan is. Just look at Do Damage for the Sox and all that, or look at what “suck my dick” did for this team last year. The best slogans are the ones that come organically, not just repeating something you already used, especially when it’s not that great to begin with.

I hope I’m not alone in this line of thinking right? I can’t be. Run a contest or something and give two free tickets to whoever wins. If it’s the same group of people that made the intro video, knock out two birds with one stone, but this team needs a new identity and you can’t have that with a reused slogan.\

Look from a basketball standpoint, things will get figured out. Guys will get more comfortable in their roles, and this team will still be frustrating, but things will look better. We’ve seen it every year under Brad so why should this year be any different. Seeing as how we’re only 10 games in, now is not the time to be freaking out about basketball adjustments as much as it is time to make sure everything surrounding the basketball is as great as possible. These are the most blatant issues in my opinion that need to be addressed, and it should be no big deal to do it. Leave the basketball stuff to Brad, and all the weird unconventional stuff to the internet, and frankly the internet has spoken.

Boom, just like that the Celtics are fixed. You’re welcome.