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Farty Fella Gives A Heartfelt Apology For His Garlicky Gas On The Subway

This is without question the most considerate thing I’ve ever seen. I cannot imagine the shame that he felt and owned by letting his fellow citizens know about his gas. I know this might come as a little bit of a shock but I too have had gas bubbles in my belly. Unlike this gentleman, I did not let them out gently like baby ducks taking their first swim of Spring. I always let my wind out with the force of the squeeze that gets the last toothpaste from the tube and for that, I apologize. Sometimes on the Internet, we find things that we can learn from. This is one of those times. Hand up if you’re gonna be a slow farter from here on out. Thank you. I and the Lord see those hands.

Additionally, he’s doing the best that he can and that’s all we can ask for. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.