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Let's Cut The Shit - IT'S DALLAS WEEK

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“I just don’t think a lot of players, in particular me, just don’t really like the franchise, the organization, what it stands for, what it’s always stood for. I’ve just never really appreciated what the organization and what its fans really stood for. A lot of fair weather people from across the country, that just kind of fell in love because they’re winners, instead of having any type of emotional connection to the team whatsoever”

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Jason Kelce knows what we all know. Time to saddle and sack up. It’s Dallas Week, baby, and it’s a big one. I don’t care if we’re 8-0, 4-4, or 0-8 (actually I do care, very much so). I also don’t care if the Cowboys are below .500 like they always are. Any time the Eagles face off against the Cowboys there should be some gravel in your guts and spit in your eye heading into the game. It makes it even worse that Chris Collinsworth will be attempting to call the contest with his throat gargling Jerry’s balls. The Dak vs. Wentz dynamic will for some reason be verbally blown past ejaculation by this Sunday Night Football crew to the point of pain. It’s clear to anybody with a working brain that Wentz is a better QB…with exception for every broadcast booth in America. Still, it doesn’t matter. Fuck Dallas. And let’s not forget this game matters oh so much. Put it this way, if the Eagles win Sunday night not only will they be 5-4 and, possibly, in first place in the NFC East, the Cowboys will fall to 3-6. Virtually done for the year. Again. So, yeah, winning would be essentially stepping on the throat of Dallas with 1/3 of the season to play. And I love it.

It’s now Wednesday at 11am. Enough is enough. Start watching that game film and praying to Jerome. The Eagles opening up at -6 make it seem like it’s a gimmie game. Don’t drink that juice. Be prepared and ready to roll. Also, we might need to find this old Cowboys hag with the drag this week again and bullrush her into Hades. For the Birds. And that’s assuming she isn’t still threatening to sue us for this video a year later, which is a big assumption.