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LeBron Stayed Late After The Lakers Loss To Fix Things Just Kidding He Went Out To Party With P. Diddy

You know what, maybe LeBron really does have it all figured out. This summer he looked at the landscape of the East and the Cavs roster and thought to himself that most likely there were going to be plenty of blowout losses on the horizon. So what does he do? He realizes that he can go to LA, still have those same blowout losses, but instead of having to deal with the harsh reality that his team is bad while living in cold ass Cleveland, he can party away his worries out in LA at P. Diddy’s birthday. Forget the fact that his team just had one of the more embarrassing losses in franchise history, forget the fact that he was nowhere to be found on the floor in the final 4 minutes when the Lakers sneaky made it somewhat close (12 points). Whereas other players may have stayed late, gotten extra shots up, or at the very least try and figure out what the hell is wrong, LeBron dipped so quick it’ll make your head spin. Interesting.

Now this is conflicting for me, because when it comes to this sort of thing I am on the side of the player. They’re out of work so why can’t they let off some steam? We all do it. I had no problem with James Harden hitting up the strip club after getting embarrassed in the playoffs, I have no problem with John Wall refusing to stop his partying on his own free time. But the thing is LeBron is different. He lives under a different microscope than the rest of us. I’m sure there are some Kobe Stans who are upset about last night screaming that Kobe wouldn’t be caught dead doing something like this. All it does is play into the drama and nonsense that LeBron isn’t taking his Lakers tenure seriously. That his being there is more about being able to do shit like this than anything basketball related. That’s unfair sure, but that’s the reality.

Even as a LeBron hater, I can understand this move. You go from here

and the realization that maybe you made a big mistake, the first thing you want to do is drink away your sorrows. You don’t want to have to explain why you aren’t playing defense, or what’s wrong, you want to ignore the world and get drunk and forget your problems. For a guy that is in no way relatable to any other human on the planet, that’s a little refreshing. In this instance, LeBron is just like the rest of us who had a shitty day at work.

But again, this is the problem with being LeBron. As long as he continues to be a non factor on the defensive end, and as long as his team continues to look pretty terrible, he’s going to get killed for clips like this. Fans are weird in the sense that they feel like athletes shouldn’t be normal people when their job is over. They convince themselves of things like Jordan would never do this, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a lose/lose situation for LeBron that unfortunately he brought on himself when he decided to take a career vacation in LA.

Pretty cocky to roll up in a Rolls like that though, I’ll give him that.