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Your Nathan Peterman First Half Update: 75 Yards Passing, 2 INTs, 1 Pick Six

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the Nathan Peterman Era, because we honestly may not see anything like it again. A man that every fanbase outside of his own can root for and watch him deliver every single time. We have officially reached the point where even Peterman’s good passes are autocorrecting to interceptions and pick sixes. In the words of World Series champion podcaster Jared Carrabis, you can’t teach that.

Everyone thought last season’s incredible rookie performance just may have been a mirage. But when Peterman almost threw a pick six on literally the first play of Bills training camp, we knew something special was brewing in Western New York.

Just another day at work for the most consistent player in the NFL. Treasure him while he’s here, NFL fans*.

*Except for Bills fans. Again, if one fanbase can take a human pick six machine on the chin for the amusement of everyone else, it’s #BillsMafia. Best fanbase on the planet.