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Bears Vs Bills - Please Don't Lose To Nathan Peterman - Live Blog

nathan-peterman-121017-usnews-getty-ftr_58cplgfae9mq1j2lqz26b92pcNathan Peterman may very well be the worst NFL QB that I’ve ever seen. If he’s not, then he’s sure as hell up there. We thought we had it bad with guys like Craig Krenzel and Jonathan Quinn, but I’m not sure those dudes hold a candle to Peterman, or maybe I’ve just finally been cleared of the PTSD that those guys used to give me.

With that being said, we just lost to Brock Osweiler a couple of weeks ago. I know it’s irrational, but I’m still a little bit rattled by it. I also know it was Derek Anderson last week and he’s a little better, but the Bills played better than anybody imagined against the Patriots. After all, it’s the NFL and anything can happen. But, it’s the Bears job to go out there and make sure that it don’t happen.

Mitch has gotta go out there and put up a lead that forces Peterman and the Bills offense out of it’s comfort zone. Defense needs to build off last week without Mack and get after Peterman versus an inferior offensive line.

Let’s head into the divisional games strong.

Bear Down.