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UMBC Would Like To Remind Everybody It Was The First No. 16 Seed To Beat A No. 1

Technically this is a championship celebration. You have the America East championship banner being raised, but really it’s UMBC reminding everyone that it was the first No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1. Listen, they should be doing this. They should be tweeting out daily that they beat Virginia. They should continue to troll Seth Davis with these sharpie shirts.

This was a thing that we never thought we’d see. I mean, sure, a No. 16 came close to winning a couple times but honestly we never thought we’d see a No. 16 beat a No. 1. That’s what happens when you tend to have a low major in the NCAA Tournament where a No. 1 seed can use guys 3-8 to just overpower a No. 16 seed.

So good for UMBC. Keep reminding everyone that you made history. That’s how it should be.